Why “small” wind energy systems?

Despite popular belief, small wind turbines make economical sense.

Numerous studies have shown this. Here are two Belgian reports on the subject: the JERTS-study and the final IWT TETRA 090192 report.

The conclusion: “An efficient, reliable and well-placed small wind turbine will be profitable!

Important keywords

  • Efficient: It needs to have a good performance in converting wind energy into electricity, and it needs a decent size for this.
  • Reliable: Very important! It needs to keep working and not break down.
  • Well-placed: A wind turbine needs access to good and lots of wind!
  • Profitable: During its entire lifetime, the turbine will pay for itself within a reasonable time frame and yield profit for many years after.


Swept Area5,733m²
TypeVertical Axis
Design3 blade Darrieus
Rated rotational speed350rpm
MaterialsAluminium, galvanized steel and PETG
GeneratorType3 phase AC Coreless Axial Flux Generator
Gear BoxNone, low friction - direct drive
Rated power1kW
Rated speed350rpm
Max Rectified Output Voltage50VDC
ControllerTypeRTOS.BE GreenC
Rated Power2x 3kW
Max Voltage50V
Max Amperage60A
Wind SpeedEstimated Yearly Production
Realized with the support of Flanders Investment & Trade