The GreenT [griːn tiː]

A sustainable, recyclable and thus environmentally friendly vertical axis wind turbine

  • The GreenT VAWT


does not need a motor to start up


this vertical axis wind turbine harvests wind energy from every direction


so silent, even dogs cannot hear it :)

Turbulence tolerant

able to harvest efficiently in unfavorable wind conditions


safe, controlled by our GreenC electronics


uses dynamic lift instead of drag to generate electricity

100% recyclable

made of steel, aluminium and recyclable plastics

Low investment

no large up-front investments required

Low Impact

has a low impact on its environment

Mix Alternative Energy Sources

can easily be combined with other alternative energy sources like solar panels

No Drop Shadow

contrary to the classic wind turbines, vertical turbines cast little or no drop shadow

Lower Contributions

you will pay less to the big energy companies

Increases Consciousness

increases the consciousness with respect to the environment and ecology

Day and night

if there is wind, it generates power without sunlight

Aerodynamic lift

the GreenT turbine uses the aerodynamic lift principle to generate power

More details

get to know the specifics of the Green T

The team behind the Green T has built wind turbines for third parties in the past. With the Green T they want to:

  • reach a wider public
  • prove it is possible to generate electricity in an affordable, yet ecological way
  • help you become independent of large and expensive energy providers

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